Adult Services

Adult Services offers a variety of programs focused on making every day a great day. We serve individuals with developmental disabilities who reside at the Mueller Center, area nursing homes, and adults transitioning to community employment in Clark County. We also offer weekly recreational activities for all individuals served by DDCC through mixers.

Adult services is mostly supported by our local levy.

Learning Activities

  • Projects reflect the personality of the individual
  • Learn about animals, countries, cultures, geography and horticulture
  • Develops cognitive skills, social awareness and a better understanding of the world around us

Recreational Activities

  • Develops fine motor, decision making, communication and expression skills
  • Develops teamwork, turn taking, interpersonal skills and attention to activity

Community Exploration

  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Field trips

Specialized Services

Quest Inc. Art Studio and Gallery

Individuals have the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with their community through the arts. Through Quest Inc., artists can express themselves through the visual arts, music or performance in this community interactive program.


The Horticulture Program offers individuals the ability to work, learn, and relax in the garden. The group offers environmental education and community outreach opportunities. The Horticulture Program maintains the Sensory Garden where people can stimulate all the senses in the calm, peaceful and interactive setting.


Mixers occur the first four Wednesdays of every month and are open to all adults eligible for Developmental Disabilities of  Clark County service. Typically we offer bingo, movie and pizza night, dances at the Eagles Club, arts and crafts, and special trips ballgames, shows and recreational opportunities. Click here for our event calendar.