Address the Board

The Developmental Disabilities of Clark County Board holds public meetings on the third Tuesday of the month (unless noted.) The Board encourages you to participate in Board operations and deliberations.

If you wish to address the Board at their next meeting, please complete the form below so that we may put you on the agenda.

At the Board Meeting

The President or presiding Board member will recognize you during the Introductions and Visitors portion of the agenda. At that time, please state your name, any group you may be representing, and the reason you are addressing the Board. Board members may ask you clarifying questions. The President or presiding Board member may use his/her discretion regarding recognizing speakers more than once on the same subject. The President or presiding Board member may also limit the amount of time used to address the Board.

If an item requires Board action, the Board may act immediately, or may postpone action to further consider the matter. If you feel your question/concerns were not addressed, please submit them in writing to the Superintendent.

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