Ages 18+

Being as independent as possible, while ensuring you have appropriate care and support, is vital to living a happy life. Our SSAs will work with you to identify your needs, set goals and help you obtain services in our community.

Habilitation services, also called adult day services, include social, leisure and recreational activities that enhance an individual’s quality of life, and are provided in a variety of settings. These activities may include: personal care, skill reinforcement, training in self-determination, wellness training, volunteering, and community inclusion. These services are offered by a number of quality providers in Clark County. All providers of center-based services are certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and their services are influenced by the goals and supports outlined in each person’s Individual Service Plan. If you are interested, your SSA can assist you in finding a day service that’s right for you.

Vocational services are designed to teach and reinforce habilitation concepts related to work including responsibility, attendance, task completion, problem solving, social interaction, motor skill development, and safety. When you are ready to work, we offer opportunities to help you find a job.

We also assist with finding transportation to help people access habilitation and vocational resources. Developmental Disabilities offers a transportation service, as do some habilitation and vocational service providers. In addition, we have agreements with SCAT (Springfield City Area Transit), Clark County Jobs and Family Services’ WorkPlus program, Salvation Army’s Hand in Hand program, and other local transportation providers. Contact your SSA for assistance in arranging habilitation or vocational transportation.


Eligibility for services is determined using guidelines established by the State of Ohio. Click here for information about eligibility.

Paying for Services

If you or a family member is able to afford the care and services you need, you can pay for them yourself.

Many services for adults are funded through Medicaid waivers. Waivers provide funding to people who would otherwise be in a nursing home in order for them to be able to live successfully in the community. There are many factors that determine eligibility for waivers, such as the type and extent of disability, the prognosis, and financial assets. Each waiver provides different types of services. Click here for more information about waivers. Currently, no waivers are available.

In Clark County, 60% of funding for waivers is provided by the Federal government, and 40% is provided by the generosity of our community through the Developmental Disabilities of Clark County tax levy.

If you are still living with family and do not have a waiver, you may be eligible for some funding through the Family Needs Assistance program (FNA). FNA covers such services as respite care, adaptive equipment, home modifications, and some therapies. Contact your Path Coordinator for help in applying for this funding.

Waiting List

When there is not enough funding available to meet the needs of those needing services, a person has the option of being placed on a waiting list. However, our SSAs will try to find other ways to meet your needs.


The links below are for informational purposes, are not all-inclusive, and do not indicate endorsement by Developmental Disabilities of Clark County.

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