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Brock West: “Don’t give up on your dreams”

Brock West loves animals and he aspires to care of them in a veterinarian clinic. After graduating from high school, Developmental Disabilities helped Brock find a job. We reached out to King Kennels and were able to find Brock a job cleaning, feeding, playing with, and medicating dogs. He has been working at King’s Kennel for four and a half years now and he loves what he does.  Watch our video to learn more! 

Chris loves where he lives and what he does

Chris Schroeder loves where he lives and he loves what he does. He recently moved out in to the community and has never been happier. He has the freedom to do things that he wasn’t able to do before he moved and he has the opportunity to learn new things at his new home. Chris has gone to Red’s baseball games, the Summer Arts Festival, and he has been able to see his mom, who is a great advocate for him. Chris has returned to TAC and works first shift. Also TAC created a job specifically for him. He is the mail courier. This job allows Chris to talk to all of his coworkers and move freely in the building. He has been able to…