Provider Compliance and Medication Quality Assurance

Provider Compliance

Regularly scheduled reviews of a provider are conducted prior to the end of the provider’s term license, accreditation term or at least once every five years in non-licensed waiver settings. The review is conducted utilizing a single review tool. A Special Compliance Review may also be conducted due to identified concerns such as complaints, Major Unusual Incidents, reports of fraud, or adverse outcomes identified by other entities such as the Ohio Department of Health or the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Have a Compliance Review coming up? Prepare by accessing DODD’s Compliance page to access the Compliance Review Tools and Required Documents list

Agency Tool

Independent Tool

Agency required documents list

Independent Required documents list


Medication Quality Assurance

Under the guidelines of Ohio Revised Code, a Quality Assessment Registered Nurse is required to conduct reviews of all activities related to administering prescribed medications, performing health-related activities, or performing tube feedings by County Board employees and private providers caring for individuals with specific medical needs. This oversight helps to ensure that best practices are followed during these health-related activities and individuals’ safety is the top priority. Quality assessment reviews must be conducted at least once every three years, or as needed in the event of concerns or complaints.