Memory Wall

Dedicated on March 30, 2007

After a few years of planning, a small group of employees unveiled the memory hall at the Quest Adult Services facility on Leffel Lane. Quest served adults with developmental disabilities teaching social and vocational skills, while giving them the opportunity to work and earn a paycheck. The purpose of the Memory Hall Project was to honor those individuals enrolled at Quest who passed away. These individuals touched our lives and their photos enshrined on plaques that filled the hallway in the west wing of the building. Over the years, Quest honored more than 200 people in the Memory Hall. Eventually the project became unmanageable when Quest began downsizing its facility and subsequently moved to the Town and Country Center.

The physical presence of Quest Adult Services Memory Hall is no longer, but we have created a virtual presence in its place. The plaques have come down from the walls and have been lovingly stored. These plaques are available to interested family members. Please contact Marty Fagans or Tammy Leonard for more information at (937) 328-5200.

Sponsors of the original project included: Beverly Howe, The Cedar Club, Kroger #832, The Assurant Group, Victory Lanes, VFW Post 8673, Adult Services Consumer Advisory Group, The Union Club, Meeks Sporting Goods, Olive Branch Grange of Clark County #2290

If you would like the plaque, please contact Marty Fagans at 937-328-5200.