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Ohio’s Waiver Waiting List is Broken – But We’re Fixing It!

Last year, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities formed a coalition comprised of individuals with developmental disabilities, family members, guardians, county board employees, and providers of services to revise the current Waiting List Rule (OAC 5123:2-1-08). Currently, this Rule allows individuals to be on waiting lists in more than one county in Ohio, regardless of an individual’s current county of residence, or need for immediate waiver services.  This has resulted in extremely long lists, and hinders efforts to direct resources where they are needed most.  Clark County currently has over 1,000 people on the waiting list. This Fall, the new rule will go into effect. Starting September 1st, 2018, County Boards will assess every person on the present list to determine who has a current...

Meet Charlie!

Meet Charlie. She is just two years old and has a gross motor delay. At an early age she did not know how to walk, but with the help of her Developmental Specialist, Amy Allender, Charlie has learned how to walk and run. After her success with the walking a new problem arose and is still in the works currently. Charlie struggles to go up and down the stairs. She is able to stand on the first step of the stairs, but she freezes right afterwards. Amy brought the Early Intervention Therapist to check out the issue and she helped coach Charlie up the stairs. Amy predicts that Charlie will be able to maneuver up and down the stair within the next month. Watch her…

Strive Summer Camp

Strive Summer Camp was a program for children ages seven to fifteen run by Champaign Residential Services, Inc. and sponsored by Developmental Disabilities of Clark County. Camp staff is trained to meet the needs of campers, and provide six weeks of education, support and fun for up to fifteen campers each day. Each week the camp has a theme around which they do activities. Check out the video of the camp to learn more!

Meet Molly

Meet Molly. She is 15 months old and has a gross motor delay. Her Developmental Specialist, Whitney Rinehart, has been helping her learn how to walk for two months. Whitney works for Early Intervention which is a program for children with developmental delays and disabilities under the age of three.  She visits Molly every other week to provide coaching and tasks for her parents, Nik and Courtney, to get her up and walking. “Many kids would benefit from this program,” Courtney says. “And I don’t think people realize that.” Early Intervention provides services for all children of all levels of delays. She says, “It has helped Molly and it’s a really good program!” Molly is improving every day, and we even captured her first step…