Annual Report – Statistics

2018 Accomplishments

Administrator of Benefits and Safety

  1. 261 developmental evaluations were completed by EI staff.
  2. 162 children were eligible to receive services.
  3. Intake and eligibility staff received 579 referrals
  4. Investigative Agents investigated 367 allegations of abuse, neglect, misappropriation and other major unusual incidents.
  5. Staff provided support and training to agency personnel, independent providers, parents, interns, and contractors.
  6. SSA’s assisted 137 CCE individuals in living, working and participating in our community.
  7. 170 families received respite care, health care supplies, special dietary needs, safety needs and/or developmental toys through Family Needs Assistance. (local levy funded)
  8. Quality review staff completed 50 medication quality reviews, 22 provider compliance reviews, and provided trainings to assist private agencies with quality outcomes and regulations.

Funder of Federal, State and Local Levy Dollars

  1. 23 people received $131,238 for care and services through Individual Budgets, which are funded 100% by Developmental Disabilities of Clark County levy dollars.
  2. 299 individuals enrolled on the Individual Options Waiver.
  3. 185 individuals enrolled on the Level I Waiver.
  4. 7 individuals enrolled on the SELF Waiver.

Provider of Services to Individuals

  1. 473 children and their families, ages 0-3 years, received early intervention services.
  2. 24 adults at Adult Services at the Town and Country Center, received habilitation services and supports.
  3. 12 individuals in our Discovery Program earned minimum wage while learning valuable employment skills working in the Quest ShredMill. A total of 261,190 pounds of confidential documents were destroyed.
  4. Herbs and vegetables, grown by individuals at Adult Services at the Town and Country Center, were donated to local homeless shelters through Interfaith Hospitality Network and Second Harvest Food Bank.
  5. Individuals who participated in the Horticulture and Discovery program planted and mulched flower beds in Springfield’s Zonta Park.
  1. Helped 6 people become employed in the community, and provided skills training to 137 people to help them become employed in the community.
  2. More than 250 individuals attend at least one social event each month, providing adults with DD the opportunity to socialize with friends and community volunteers.
  3. Provided approximately 19,286 one way trips for transportation recipients on fully accessible buses and vans.
  4. Drove about 277,000 miles to get people with disabilities to work and other needed services.
  5. Provided 24-hour care to 23 people at the FF Mueller Residential Center.