Provider Information About COVID-19

Dear Clark County Providers:

During this time of uncertainty, we want to work closely with our individuals, families, and providers to ensure that individuals receive the essential supports that they need. The following is an update of what we know and what we can do to assist you.  This may change and, if so, we will keep you informed.  Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you have.

Below are highlights to help you plan for services during this time. For detailed guidance, click here.
IF ANY CHANGES ARE NEEDED FOR ANY REASON, contact the SSA and SSA Supervisor.  If you have questions, contact

ADS Closure Updates

  1. If your agency will temporarily stop operations, please contact and
  2. Change Service delivery such as providing services in a residential setting – See Guidance.
  3. Contract with residential care agencies (see Guidance).

Residential Shortages

  1. Natural Supports-reach out to family members, friends and neighbors to provide care where possible.
  2. Remote Supports-when appropriate, it can help fill gaps, provide 24/7 support, and can be tailored to fit the need.  Contact the SSA for details.
  3. Residential Respite- when a person needs to temporarily move into a group setting or temporarily reside and receive support from an agency provider
  4. Day program providers are encouraged to assist HPC providers when possible as day programs close.
  5. You may need to prioritize staffing. Those that are able to be safely served with less staff time or in lower ratios can be.
  6. If you need to consolidate homes and serve individuals from different homes together, that is fine. Please make sure you reach out to the family or guardian when you can, and please let the SSA know where the individual will be.
  7. Community activities can be stopped if you determine it is unsafe for the individual
  8. “On behalf of services” may be utilized to provide food and supplies to individuals who should not leave their home.
  9. The team may make the determination to access another HPC provider to provide the required support for some or all shifts.
  10. Contract with ADS agencies (see Guidance)
  11. Independent providers-continue serving those who need it.  If you have no one to serve at this time, reach out to support residential agency providers.

Many Clark County DD employees will be working remotely to protect the health and safety of all and all face-to-face meetings will now be conducted by email, phone, or video conferencing.  They can still be reached by email and phone.  If you need immediate assistance, call the SSA On-Call 937-215-6983.

Subscribe to DODD-They’ve sent several communications on COVID-19 already.  Find news here
DODD  web page for department communications and links to helpful resources
DODD support teams are available and consist of staff ready to help county boards and providers.
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Guidance: Day Support Service Options
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