Clark County Independent Providers Q&A

ATTN Clark County Independent Providers:

In response to some recent questions we have had, we want to share the answers as many of you may have the same questions.


Q: I heard we are not to provide services until April 20th, is that true?

A: No. The Coronavirus should not interrupt service hours for individuals who need services.  There may be some individuals and/or families who suspend services out of caution, but otherwise, please continue providing services to those who still need you.  If you work with someone who is a part of the higher risk group, please contact your SSA and service team to discuss service options to protect their health and safety.


Q: The people I work with have suspended services and I have no hours.  Can I get unemployment?

A: According to Job and Family Services “It depends. Self-employed individuals who have been solely self-employed for the last year or more may not meet the monetary requirements to establish a claim because the wages they earned from self-employment are not considered “covered” under unemployment law.”

See full guidance at (Question 10)


Q: What can I do to make income during this time?

A: You have two options if you want to continue to provide direct care services to individuals with disabilities for there is still A LOT of need in this community for services during this time.

Option 1: Many residential care agencies need direct support professionals.  As you know, there has been a DSP crisis for some time and the closing of businesses, DAY PROGRAMS, workplaces, and social gatherings have created an even greater need to fill the gaps.  Contact an agency to offer your services.

Option 2: It is also possible to continue to work as an Independent Provider during those same shifts that lack an agency DSP.  Agency A who is responsible for 24/7 care may not have staffing to cover the 9am-3pm gap left by the closed day program.  It’s possible for you to work and bill as an independent provider during that time.  The SSA would add you to the PAWs and plan, and you would work and bill as you normally would with the added responsibility to communicate with Agency A about services, changes, and incidents as a part of the service TEAM.  You would still be responsible for you own documentation and billing and will have to maintain those records for 6 years from the date you are paid for the services.