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Ohio’s Waiver Waiting List is Broken – But We’re Fixing It!

Last year, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities formed a coalition comprised of individuals with developmental disabilities, family members, guardians, county board employees, and providers of services to revise the current Waiting List Rule (OAC 5123:2-1-08).

Currently, this Rule allows individuals to be on waiting lists in more than one county in Ohio, regardless of an individual’s current county of residence, or need for immediate waiver services.  This has resulted in extremely long lists, and hinders efforts to direct resources where they are needed most.  Clark County currently has over 1,000 people on the waiting list.

This Fall, the new rule will go into effect. Starting September 1st, 2018, County Boards will assess every person on the present list to determine who has a current need. A current need is defined as an unmet need requiring waiver services within the next 12 months.  Those without a current unmet need will be taken off the list.   If you are taken off the waiting list, and your needs change in the future, you can request another assessment be completed.

The waiting list assessment will be conducted for each person on the current waiting list, and all assessments will be completed by December 31, 2020.  The assessment is required to be completed face to face.  The Community Living Services Department will work to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

This much-needed change to the waiting list will enable us to better serve individuals with developmental disabilities.  For more information about the changes to the Waiver Waiting List Rule, please visit www.fixthelist.info.

You can also call us directly if you have questions. The following staff are informed about this process, and can most effectively answer your questions:

  • Jennifer R. Miller, Superintendent, 937-328-2675

  • Bethany Geitgey-Whitacre, Medicaid Waiver Analyst, 937-328-2683

  • Amy Willis, Early Childhood Supervisor, 937-328-2680