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Meet Molly

Meet Molly. She is 15 months old and has a gross motor delay. Her Developmental Specialist, Whitney Rinehart, has been helping her learn how to walk for two months. Whitney works for Early Intervention which is a program for children with developmental delays and disabilities under the age of three.  She visits Molly every other week to provide coaching and tasks for her parents, Nik and Courtney, to get her up and walking. “Many kids would benefit from this program,” Courtney says. “And I don’t think people realize that.” Early Intervention provides services for all children of all levels of delays. She says, “It has helped Molly and it’s a really good program!” Molly is improving every day, and we even captured her first step on camera which is posted on our Facebook page. Early Intervention is a really successful program, with 50% of children not needing our services after the age of 3.