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Bone A Fido Dog Biscuit Bakery Hires Emma Massie

emma massieThrough our Person Centered Planning Process, individuals often express an interest in working with animals. Fortunately, my sister works at Bone-a-fido, the dog biscuit bakery. This connection allowed me to reach out to them to explore whether they would be interested in hosting interns who have developmental disabilities. Internships aid individuals in learning skills they can then use in a community setting for competitive employment.

My sister discussed it with the owner of Bone-a-fido, Karen Heskett, who was interested in exploring this option further. After we met and highlighted all of the benefits that adding interns with Developmental Disabilities to her business would bring, Karen agreed to participate in our intern program. She interviewed a couple of applicants, and chose Emma Massie to be her first intern.

Emma thrived at Bone-a-fido, perfected the skills she learned, and became a valued member of the team. As a result, Karen offered Emma a paid position as an employee! Emma loves her job and most enjoys decorating cookies and greeting pets as they come in. Due to Emma’s outstanding performance and charismatic personality, she has paved the way for future interns to get on-the-job training that will lead to competitive community employment, just as it has for her.

Congratulations Emma on your job, and thank you and Karen Heskett for helping open doors for more people in the future!